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Totally Enclosed Single Drum Dryer

This dryer can also be constructed in nominally vapour tight enclosure to handle materials having dusting tendencies on drying.
Voltage : 420 V
Power : 7.5 KW
Surface treatment : Polished
Material : Stainless steel


  1. Suitable for handling liquid or pasty feeds.
  2. Product is powdery, flaky form
  3. Uniform drying due to uniform application of film.
  4. Medium range capacities.
  5. Very High thermal efficiency
  6. Continuous operation
  7. Compact installation
  8. Closed construction is possible 

Typical Applications:

  1. Acid Voilet
  2. Pregel Starch
  3. Animal Glue
  4. Distiller's Yeast
  5. Resis Salt
  6. Sodium Acetate
  7. Sodium Benzoate
  8. Sodium Sulphate
  9. Magnesium Carbonate
  10. Brewer's Yeast
  11. Dye Intermediate
  12. Calcium Lactate


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